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The Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit within SAHMRI conducts research that is of direct relevance to Aboriginal people in South Australia.

Our research is focused on the significant gap between the health status and life opportunities available to Aboriginal people when compared to other Australians.

Wardliparingga's goal is to generate positive, long-term change for Aboriginal families and communities in South Australia.

We are forming partnerships with key stakeholders and community groups to achieve the best possible outcomes. We value the input and feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, particularly people of Aboriginal descent, their communities and their organisations.

We collaborate with other Aboriginal and Indigenous researchers on national and international research projects.

South Australian Aboriginal Health Research Accord

Overcoming the health disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people represents one of Australia’s great challenges. Only through a tangible commitment of time, energy, resources, leadership and collaborative partnership can we hope to make a difference. Research can and should have a role in defining a better way forward for all Australians. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community has called for reform in the way Aboriginal Health Research is conducted.

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